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10/18 Nationals News

Hard to believe it’s less than a week before the start of this year’s NAMBA Nationals. We wanted to share a few things with you about the event before arriving…

Race Site

  • No canopy stakes will be allowed. You will need to use weights or sandbags to anchor your canopies.
  • We will have 100 30lb. sand bags available for $2.00 per bag on a first come first serve basis.
  • Ice will be provided daily on a first come first serve basis.
  • Permanent trailer setup will begin Friday October 20th at 6:45am. Russ Stark will be handling all parking assignments.
  • Water will be open on Thursday October 19th. Vehicles will not be permitted on the grass before permanent setup. No retrieve boats will be available on Thursday.


Event info

    • Drivers Meeting will start at 8 am daily.
    • Racing will begin at 8:30 am daily.
    • Welcome Party will be held Monday at the race site and will begin 30 mins after the last heat of the day has been completed.
    • Paddle boat race and scale concourse judging will be held Friday at the race site and will begin 30 mins after the last heat of the day has been completed.
    • For those not racing on the days of the above two events, we will post when the last heat of the day has been completed on our Facebook page (2017 NAMBA SuperNats). This will alert you when our post-race activities will begin.
    • Banquet – cocktails will be at 6pm and dinner at 7pm in the Sunset Room at the host hotel.
  • Lunches will be served for $7.00 per day.



Open Water

  • Open water will be timed per discipline (nitro, FE, gas). We will provide a rotating 30 mins to each discipline on Friday.
  • We will provide open water after each race day as time permits. Open water on races days will be limited to only the classes running the next day. We will offer rotating times per discipline. If there is a chance to offer general open water we will.

Class Specific Rules

  • Classic Thunderboat: We will be following NAMBA Rules as listed in Section 27 – Rule D.1, with the addition that a NGK CMR7H Spark Plug is allowed. This means that District 19 rules allowing Starter Kit and Zenoah WT-1027 racing carb will not be allowed.
  • Classic Thunderboat will follow the NAMBA Heat Racing Format the “Love Plan” as listed in Section 27 – Rule D.1.d.
  • Scale Unlimited Hydroplane:
  1. Boats must meet the requirements as noted in Section 6 – Rule D.1.
  2. Concourse judging will follow rules as noted in Section 21 – Rules F and G.
  • Sportsman Mono Rules: 1. Hull Specifications: The hull will conform to current NAMBA Gas Mono standards and may be of either wood or composite construction. 2. Engine Specifications:
    1. Engines will be a Zenoah G260 PUM. The engine may run a stock 257 carburetor or stock WT-1027 (racing carb). No internal modifications are allowed. All replacement parts must be from the original manufacturer and the same type engine (Zenoah 260 to Zenoah 260). No part swapping from other manufacturers or engine types is permitted.
    2. NGK CMR7H Spark Plug is allowed.
    3. Zenoah GR26099 Starter Kit will be allowed. The pulley (part # 848-ESZ-7520) of the EZ pull starter may be modified for the purpose of not using the spacers (part # 848-8Y4-6100).


Miscellaneous Information

  1. Half course mill pattern will be used.
  2. All hulls must conform to NAMBA Rule Specifications (i.e. Crackerbox, Classic Thunderboat and Sport Hydroplane).
  3. For the Sportsman Mono, Classic Thunderboat, G-1 classes, and various OPC Tunnel classes:
    1. All entrants will have their engines tagged before the start of the race.
    2. The first 3 places in will have engines inspected at end of day.
  4. “FE Drivers shall do their “tape up” in the hot pits, after their battery voltage has been checked by Tech Committee. All P-Ltd motors shall be inspected pre-race and tagged by Tech    Committee to ensure motors are “as shipped from the manufacturer” with no modifications other than what is allowed per NAMBA rules”.
  5. Additional safety requirements:
    1. All FE Lipo batteries must be removed from hulls while charging. They should also be charged on a separate table/area and not inside a trailer.
    2. All pit areas must have a fire extinguisher that is easily accessible for use
  6. Not starting of boats on tables without prop guards.

10/11 National News!

Only 9 days till OPEN WATER!

Important information

Sites are going to be pre-assigned and access to the Park will begin Friday morning at 6am. Vendors and sponsors will get first priority.

You may not use stakes to hold your canopy in place. Too many sprinkler lines could be damaged. Please bring sand bags or weights to hold canopies in place.


09/29 Nationals News!

Entries are now closed and the race is shaping up to be amazing with 97 entrants and 546 boats! Please check the Site Information and General Information Pages for some changes! Trailer and canopies will be done by assignment, vendors and sponsors will be first.

9/20 Nationals News!

The Team Ed Mixer details have been finalized! The mixer will be Wednesday 10/25 at the Sunset Station Hotel and Casino. The event will be from 6pm to 9pm and we will be providing Hors d’œuvres, beer and wine! A cash bar will also be available. The event is open to all entrants and their families. So please come and say hi!

8/25 Nationals News!

District 19 would like to Thank:

Brent Daily with Props Works West for sponsoring our Total High Points Champion Trophy.

Roger Hooks Sr. with Double- Ace Racing Products for sponsoring our Nitro High Points Champion Trophy.

District 19 has decided to award High Points trophies to all three power disciplines and a Total High Points Champion.

We are looking for trophy sponsors for the following;

FE High Points Champion $125.00
Gas High Points Champion $125.00

We appreciate your support and couldn’t do this without you! *Please make your checks payable to; NAMBA 2017 Nationals c/o: Tracy Osborne 3802 N. 87th Place Scottsdale AZ 85251

8/23 Nationals Update!

We only have two rooms at the host hotel left for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

We need to get these last rooms filled before we can request more.

If your still on the fence about what you’re going to run at the race, don’t be about where you’re going to stay…. Reserve your rooms today!

See you in Vegas,

Sunset Station Hotel Casino 1301 W Sunset Rd, Henderson, NV 89014
Reservations (888)786-7389
Rates  $ 59.00 Sunday – Thursday $130.00 Friday – Saturday Group Code : SCINMBA * Get your reservations soon as that is one of the busiest weekends in Las Vegas.

8/1817 Breaking News!

We will be offering both Nitro and FE Scale Unlimited scheduled for Saturday October 28th. Thank you for your input!  Sign up and we will see you in Vegas,


District 19 has decided to award High Points Trophies to all three power disciplines along with a Total High Points Champion!

We are looking for sponsors for the following;

Nitro High Points Champion $125
FE High Points Champion $125
GAS High Points Champion $125
Total High Points Champion $125

We appreciate your support and couldn’t do this without you!

* Please make your checks payable to;
NAMBA 2017 Nationals c/o: Tracy Osborne
3802 N 87th Place, Scottsdale AZ 85251

The 2017 Nationals are coming up quickly!!

Please reserve your rooms NOW!

If you’re on the fence about attending or you’re going and not sure what your running, RESERVE your room.

This is one of the busiest weekends in Vegas and we don’t want you to miss out or wait and overpay for a room.

If you reserve a room at Sunset Station they will only bill you for the first night ($67.26 weekday) and if you can’t make it cancel your reservation 36 hours before your check-in date and they will refund you the whole amount. You’re out NOTHING so please sign up!

I look forward to seeing you all in Vegas!

Sunset Station Hotel Casino 1301 W Sunset Rd, Henderson, NV 89014

Reservations (888)786-7389

Rates  $  59.00 Sunday – Thursday $130.00 Friday – Saturday Group Code : SCINMBA * Get your reservations soon as that is one of the busiest weekends in Las Vegas.

Host Hotel and Accommodations

We have made several important changes to the schedule!





Early entries are already coming in! If you would like to see who has entered or how your favorite class is shaping up your can find it the current list here!

Huge THANK YOU to Michael Smith and the fine people at Actus Engineering. Brian Bounds from Sin City Racing contacted Michael about surveying Sunset Lake for our upcoming NAMBA Nationals. Michael and the great people at Actus volunteered their time and surveyed our pond at no cost. We hope to see you and your crew at our event and again Thank you!
Thank you Brian for all the things you do behind the scenes.

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Thing are starting to heat up! The latest sponsorship has been posted today and can be found here sponsorship page here!

We have posted the first list of our amazing sponsors. Sign up and support your nationals! You can find the sponsorship page here!

The sponsorship page has been added to the site. If you are interested in being a class sponsor or donating prizes please contact Richard Romero. I will be posting the prices for sponsorships and program advertising soon!

Richard Romero

Please support our sponsors!

The first entries are already coming in! Don’t wait because classes will fill up. Tracy Osborne it handling the entries and she is sending out beautiful acknowledgements.

Hotel rates and group codes have been posted here! Please book early as this is one of the busiest weeks in Las Vegas!

The entry form has been posted and can be found here! More information about   entry and contest information may be found on the “General Contest Information” page. Deadline for all entries and changes is October 7th, 2017.

The initial hotel information has been posted. The host hotel will be Sunset Station Hotel and Casino. I don’t have rates or block information yet but as soon as I get it I will get it posted.

The schedule has been posted but we have already made some changes. Please check it frequently to stay current with the schedule.

Permanent setup will begin Friday the 20th morning. There will no overnight parking prior to Friday.