Our sponsors are the driving engine of our NAMBA Nationals. They make it possible to have this amazing event through their generous support of classes and prizes. These are the proud sponsors of our 2017 Nationals. Please make sure you support and thank them whenever you can!

If you are interested in being a sponsor for the 2017 NAMBA Nationals please contact;
Richard Romero      richard@danspaintandbody.com   (520)631-8656
Russ Stark                 rstark372@aol.com                            (909)519-1932

*Please make your checks payable to;
NAMBA 2017 Nationals c/o: Tracy Osborne
3802 N. 87th Place Scottsdale AZ 85251

$125 Available​

Elec 1/8 Scale Thunderboat$150 Available10/28 Saturday

Class   Sponsor  Date
1/10 Scale Modern $150 Available 10/28 Saturday
1/10 Scale Vintage Jerry Dunlap 10/28 Saturday
A Hydro A/A Engines 10/22 Sunday
A Mono District 9 10/21 Saturday
A-Mod Tunnel 10/25 Wednesday
A-OPC Tunnel 10/21 Saturday
B Hydro A/A Engines 10/23 Monday
B Mono A/A Engines 10/22 Sunday
B-OPC Tunnel $150 Available 10/24 Tuesday
B-Mod Tunnel $150 Available 10/23 Monday
C Hydro A/A Engines 10/24 Tuesday
C Mono RS Racing 10/23 Monday
X Mono $150 Available 10/23 Monday
Classic Thunderboat Outlaw Racing 10/28 Saturday
G-1 CAT Rio Grande Racers 10/26 Thursday
G-1 Mono Rum Racing Products 10/23 Monday
G-1 Outrigger RPM Motorsports 10/25 Wednesday
G-1 Sport Hydro Velasco Crankshafts 10/27 Friday
GAS Scale Unlimited District 11 10/28 Saturday
GAS Team Marathon CoCr Racing Propellers 10/26 Thursday
GX-1/GX-2 Crackerbox Buoy Buster Racing 10/21 Saturday
GX-2 CAT RPM Motorsports 10/24 Tuesday
GX-2 Mono Insane Boats 10/25 Wednesday
GX-2 Outrigger Velasco Crankshafts 10/27 Friday
GX-2 Sport Hydro Insane Boats 10/26 Thursday
Jersey Skiff The Loveless Family 10/22 Sunday
Kids-Я-Boaters Dave Rychalsky 10/25 Tuesday
Nitro Team Marathon $150 Available 10/25 Wednesday
Open Twin * Scottsdale Model Boat Club 10/27 Friday
P CAT $150 Available 10/24 Tuesday
P Mono $150 Available 10/23 Monday
P Sport Hydro The Holland Family 10/23 Monday
P-Limited CAT District 20 10/22 Sunday
P-Limited Mono $150 Available 10/21 Saturday
P-Limited OPC $150 Available 10/21 Saturday
P-Limited Outrigger The Holland Family 10/24 Tuesday
P-Limited Sports Hydro Giant Power/MoJo Racing 10/22 Sunday
Q Mono $150 Available 10/26 Thursday
Q Sport Hydro The Holland Family 10/27 Friday
1/8 Scale Unlimited (FE) Rattlesnake RC 10/28 Saturday
Scale Unlimited (Nitro) District 16 Calgary 10/28 Saturday
Sport 21 Diane Wilson and Jerry Dunlap in Memory of Jim Wilson 10/24 Tuesday
Sport 40-2 $150 Available 10/22 Sunday
Sport 60 $150 Available 10/26 Thursday
Sportsman’s Mono * Tucson Model Boat Club 10/25 Wednesday
X Hydro Rum Racing Products 10/27 Friday
Nitro High Points Double Aces Racing  
FE High Points Wave Blasters of Florida
GAS High Points  Sin City Racing
Total High Points PropWorks West  
Event Sponsors Sponsor
Ice Sponsor #1 Tucson Model Boat Club  Saturday/Sunday
Ice Sponsor #2 $200 Available  Monday/Tuesday
Ice Sponsor #3 $200 Available  Wednesday/Thursday
Ice Sponsor #4 $200 Available  Friday/Saturday
Thunderboat Concourse Trophies Olson’s Crafts 10/28 Saturday
Paddle Boat Races The Holland Family 10/28 Saturday